What sounds do you hear when you close your eyes? How do those sounds make you feel?

Sound plays a key role in defining how we perceive and respond to our world and those around us. Sound-healing sessions with Sounding Spirit use that primal mode of communication to provide health benefits to participants.

Benefits of this ancient technique are wide-ranging: reduced stress and anxiety, greater focus, and improved sleep. Sound can even be used as a non-invasive means of healing physical wounds.

As a better understanding of sound’s properties and potential spurred scientists to ask better questions, more sophisticated research methods and equipment have shown that sound does in fact affect our health and healing on a cellular level, and that music can reduce stress and stimulate cognitive processing and memory in measurable, substantive, and lasting ways.

Don Campbell and Alex Doman
Healing at the Speed of Sound – How What We Hear Transforms Our Brains and Our Lives

Harnessing this unique way of communicating can immediately – and dramatically – improve any environment. Ranging from deep, resonant bass notes to high, clear tones, these seemingly simple musical sounds connect with each participant in a special way to bring mind-body awareness and support healing.

More of his work on sound and healing at http://www.soundstrue.com/store/self-healing-with-sound-music-3861.html

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